Letters from a Stoic
A few of my favourite excerpts.

I've been dutifully reading the Robin Campbell's translation of Letters from a Stoic and I've come across numerous excerpts that have left an resounding impact on me. Of course, taken out of context they will lose some of their impact but surprisingly these can stand on their own.

In other words, he deemed nothing that might be taken from him to be a good.

If you use philosophy to find good within yourself, then you do not need to fear losing material things.

Hope is merely the title of an uncertain blessing.

Wishing a favourable outcome on something not in your control is a cause of frustration that can be avoided.

I am not born for any one corner of the universe; this whole world is my country.

A good quote to keep in mind for the perpetual world travellers. People are often running from themselves when they travel excessively.

Everything which seems to perish merely changes.

Aging of things is just another stage in the process of life. It shouldn't be feared.

Very often the things that cost nothing cost us the most heavily.

Remember that instead of exchanging cash for free things we exchange part of ourselves.