Playlist of June
My song picks for the month of June 2018.

This month I've been listening to a lot of uplifting music -- maybe because it's bright outside or maybe because I've been trying to maintain good spirits. Whatever the reason, this month's mix is characterised by a lot of groovy chord progressions, repeated lyrics, and soft vocals.

The first song by Kora has an very sweet, earthy beat that feels a bit tribal. It guides us as enter an immense public park surrounded by trees. The park is on a steep hill and we walk to the top while listening to Karim Sahraoui's Before the 2nd Coming, eventually being high enough to see over the top of the trees. Now, having carried our heavy drone to the top of the hill, we launch it 2 miles into the air. The view is fantastic. The slow beat of Attom's "Wander" is perfectly suited for the drone's sweeping movement over the park and vaguely reminds us of Odesza.

After a few hours of flying, reviewing footage, and recharging the drone, the sun begins its daily descent towards the horizon. While the brightness of the park dials down, we reach our car and Overjoy's Tame Impala-esque song "Same" lets us drive towards our next stop: the beach campfire. We arrive just in time - the sun has set and several campfires are dotted along to the shore. Mark Alow's "A Trip To The Lonely Planet" is playing while a fire performer effortlessly juggles flaming bowling pins, lighting up the faces of the people dancing nearby.

The sun has set for the evening and the moon is rising again to light up the stars. The marshmallows are roasted, the juice is finished, and the fire is dying down. With only an ember glow casting a light on the beach, Sube lo Que Sea plays while people dance upon the white sand.

Finally, with the energy here dying down, and people starting to pack up, the only people left are the "from dusk til dawn" dancers. Further down the beach, a DJ cues up his first track for the night: Eelke Kleijn's "Lovely Sweet Divine". To our surprise, the DJ playing is Newman! He plays throughout the night and closes his morning set with his EP "Newman".

What a day!

The full playlist is available here: 🎧 June Playlist

AJONLINE's June Playlist: An electic set of beats for the month

  1. Kora - Nous YouTube

  2. Karim Sahraoui - Before the 2nd Coming YouTube

  3. Attom - Wander YouTube

  4. Overjoy - Same YouTube

  5. Mark Alow - Trip To The Lonely Planet YouTube

  6. Carlos A, Koltech - Sube lo Que Sea YouTube

  7. Eelke Kleijn - Lovely Sweet Divine Youtube

  8. Newman - Break of the Souls Youtube