Playlist of May
My song picks for the month of May 2018.

I'm a big fan of music and discovering new music. While I used to hear new songs from the likes of Grooveshark playlists (now defunct) and playlists shared by friends via Spotify, I've found it harder to find something fresh, especially with the rise of ML powered recommendations, because they seem to keep me in my own bubble. To counter this, I'm going to trial publishing a hopefully regular list of songs that I enjoyed each month. Each list will be accomopanied by a short written "voice over" that can guide you through the playlist, playable on YouTube.

For this month, I've taken a cue from Oliver Heldens and moved towards the electro-, techno-, and deep-house genres. We begin our journey with a airy track from Facta that leads us into something with a harder thump from Josh Butler. Onwards, we head to the underground train station with Fabiann's Opium and arriving at the platform with Boris Brejcha. . Next, we hop onto a very modern bullet train with Two Pauz to the city centre. When we arrive, night has fallen and we hop into a upscale bar with some friends and Throttle. Afterwards, we go to our favourite night club with some absolute banging beats by Steve Mulder. The saga continues with the aptly named Frankie Bones. Finally, the night lightens up as the sun rises with some quality Ibiza style beats from the likes of Parx and Marshall Jefferson. The sunrise set ends with a sobering segue way to a remix of Coldplay's Magic. And then we repeat the cycle once more!

The full playlist is available here: 🎧 May Playlist

AJONLINE's May Playlist: An electic set of beats for the month 1. Facta - Dumb Hummer YouTube 2. Josh Butler - Rabbit Hole YouTube 3. Fabiann - Opium YouTube 4. Boris Brejcha - Ranuncel YouTube 5. Two Pauz - Dam Sauz (Lost Frequencies Edit) YouTube 6. Throttle - All In YouTube 7. Steve Mulder - Akhnaton YouTube 8. Frankie Bones - Call It Techno (Carlo Lio Remix) YouTube 9. Parx - Waiting On You YouTube 10. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body YouTube 11. Coldplay - Magic (FreakMe Visionary Re-Work) YouTube