What follows is my personal reference for various commands and programs I use daily. The page is written in Pandoc's Markdown and then converted into HTML. This is split up into various scenarios rather than just a long list of commands. So far, I have small references for: git and bash.

1. Git

Tags were used to track the progress of the repo but you're not sure what the commit of the last tag is.

git describe --tags

2. Bash

You just logged in after rebooting and want to rerun a prior command.

Set the histappend shell option to improve the likelihood you can recall a command.

shopt -s histappend

Look at previous 5 commands.

history 5

Executing a previous command.

!<command number>

Search backward in history.

Ctrl-r, then start typing the command name you remember
Ctrl-s to move forward

3. Midnight Commander

You want to view only one panel at a time but bring the other back when necessary.

Switch the panel you want to use with TAB.

Loop through the display options (default, brief, long, user-defined) with Alt+t.

Alternatively, if you're dealing with long file names and still want to keep two panels, rotate the orientation with Alt-,.

Sometimes when navigating around you get lost on where you were before.

Use Alt+Shift+h to view your directory history. Alt+y goes back and Alt+u goes forward in history.

Move up to the parent directory with Ctrl+PgUp.